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Diversified Employment Solutions

Thanks to our proprietary program Diversified Employment Solutions, we have the ability to customize service delivery to the target group and based on the objectives of our client-partner.  Diversified Employment Solutions is tailored to each individual client’s life, choices, and future aspirations.  As experts in the ever-changing labour market, we know where opportunities lie and we know how to work with clients to ensure they are ready to tackle that labour market head-on, with confidence and the skills necessary to succeed.  We approach each work ready client with an understanding that every individual has stressors from outside work that may affect the long-term employment opportunities.  We provide solutions to create that necessary balance between work and life.

Our agency has a vast experience in designing and delivering programs for a wide range of target groups.  From newcomers to Canada, individuals on Employment Insurance or Income Assistance to Ex-Offenders, persons with disabilities or client of Addiction Services, our experience in delivering quality, individually tailored programs will create result with the proposed target group.

We recognize that the real strength of any employment services is well qualified, experienced, and committed staff. Quality staffing is essential to the success of our service.  Our staffing complement has direct experience in individualized and personalized Work Search Services and is capable of providing distinctive instructional techniques utilizing both group dynamics and individual attention.

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CORCAN - Community Industries

Since 2004, under contract with Correctional Service Canada, AHS assumed the management of the Community Industries – CORCAN program, a fully operational furniture manufacturing facility that employs federal parolees on work release, who reside in a Community Residential Facility (CRF) or live independently within the community.

Created in 1991, CORCAN is a special operating agency of the Correctional Services of Canada with the mandate to aid in the safe reintegration of offenders into Canadian society by providing employment skills training to offenders incarcerated in federal penitentiaries and, for brief periods of time, after they are released into the community. In addition to playing a key role in the development of needed skills and abilities of offenders, AHS adds value in this process by maintaining strong management protocols with CORCAN to ensure the quality of product / service levels, staffing models, and efficiencies.


Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Employment of Offenders

  • Training and supervision

  • Controlling finances and records

  • Operation and inventory management

  • Business development and sales

  • And more…


​In addition to our core duties with Community Industries, AHS offers skills training opportunities for other clients.  We have developed a series of training modules in areas such as Health and Safety Training Programs covering Office, Industrial, and Construction sectors offered at your workplace:

  • Lift Truck / Forklift

  • Fire Extinguisher


  • Respirator Fit Testing

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Fall Protection

  • Workplace Bullying

  • Asbestos Awareness

  • First Aid

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Cannell House
Community Residential Facility (CRF)

Since 1997, under contract with Correctional Service Canada, AHS has assumed the ownership and operation management of Cannell House, a 20 bed Community Residential Facility (CRF) for offenders who are ending periods of federal incarceration.


Located in Moncton, NB, the Cannell House’s mandate is mandate is to provide a safe and structured environment that assists in the successful community re-integration of offenders who seek to embrace non-criminal, pro-social lifestyles.


AHS adds value in this process by maintaining a secure home environment for residents while assisting them with various treatment and supervisory programs that are geared towards positive social behaviors, life skills, motivation, and productivity.

​All applications for residency at Cannell House are received via the institutional Case Management Team.


​In an effort to ensure public safety and help reduce the risk of criminal relapse, AHS exercises close, 24-hour supervision and engages in frequent case monitoring among our professional staff, parole officers, community agencies, and residents.


In addition to the successful operation of Cannell House, AHS provides a number of custom-built programs for offenders including:


  • Substance Abuse Counselling

  • Family Violence

  • Anger Management

  • Violence Prevention

  • Treatment Counselling


Beds - 20

Population - All Male

Age - 18 Years and up

Sources - Correctional Service Canada

Exclusions - None

Criteria - Support from institution Case Management Team. Assessed

On case by case basis


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Outplacement Services

Atlantic Human Services Inc. offers Career Transition Services to companies in the process of restructuring, downsizing or closing. We offer employment counselling, resume writing, interview preparation, job search coaching and workshops to employees through individualized one-on-one meetings and group sessions. Our goal is to help employees transition and integrate into the workforce, offering support and guidance when they need it the most. We also aim to help protect the brand and reputation of the company within the community. We offer onsite or offsite support customized to the company or organization’s needs.

These Career Transitions Services started with Maple Leaf Foods in Moncton and continued with Co-op Atlantic, two companies restructuring and closing their operations. At Co-op Atlantic, over 400 jobs were eliminated while the viable divisions were sold, leaving many longstanding loyal employees, from senior executives to warehouse workers, without employment. With the help of our Career Transition Services, Co-op employees were more equipped to transition into the job market. They received professionally written resumes and cover letters, participated in mock interviews while also attending training on job search strategies, networking and LinkedIn. By coordinating our efforts with the Human Resources Department, we were able to make a difference in these employees’ lives and give them hope for the future.


Vocational Services
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Our Vocational Services are designed to assist insurance companies find alternate employment options for their clients when they are unable to return to their pre-injury occupation.  By analyzing factors such as client’s employment and educational history, interests, skills, work restrictions, pre-injury earnings as well as labour market conditions, our team of experts are able to complete the transferable skills audit that will identify suitable occupational options for the injured worker.  AHS is able to offer the following services in order to help the worker succeed in returning to the workforce:

  1. Transferable Skills Assessment 

  2. Resume and Cover Letter

  3. Job Search Skills Development Workshops

  4. Job Interview Preparation

  5. Supported Job Search

  6. Career Planning

We will be committed to your company and your clients. Our team of experts will be able to meet clients in person from our offices in Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John as well as serve clients remotely through phone calls, emails and the use of video conferencing. We will be available for your clients and will offer them the best possible service to achieve the best possible outcome. We will also work closely with Case Managers, ensuring open communication and effective reporting. 


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