Atlantic Human Services Inc.

A Social Management Company



Atlantic Human Services Inc. (AHS) has specialized in designing, delivering, supporting, and operating privatized employment, human services programs, and correctional programs in the Atlantic Provinces since 1996. AHS has earned a track record of "credibility", being “quick off the mark” and of "providing quality programs that are delivered with integrity, value, and effectiveness.

AHS is able to achieve these results by combining its strong managerial skills with its ability to recruit local professionals.  Since 1996, AHS has grown approximately 120% every year. 

Together, the AHS Group of Companies (comprised of AHS and AHS Community Industries) is a unique and cutting-edge management and consulting company that has become a proven leader in designing, delivering, supporting, and operating privatized human service and correctional programs. The AHS Group of Companies was developed in order to strengthen each company within the group and offer our clients comprehensive service ability from concept development to program management and evaluation services.  The AHS Group of Companies is a multi-service, multi-client agency that has the depth of experience and resources to provide the very best in programs and services across Canada and internationally.





Joffre Theriault, President/CEO

Colleen Ermen, Business Manager

Krista Leger, Cannell House Director

Abdellatif Baoud, VP AHS-Diversified Employment Solutions

Francine Bourgeois, Program Manager

Véronique Hall, Program Manager

Joanne Cormier, Work Coach

Sophie Haché, Work Coach

Jessica Blanchard, Work Coach

Cayli Way, Work Coach

Christina Bauckman, Career Information Center Agent

Lise-Anne Beaulieu-Bourque, Career Information Center Agent

Trina Campbell, PES Facilitator


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